AK. Credits

Quality stuff.

Design Inspo

Overall inspired by the sites on the Webflow community showcase !

Repos / Code Snippets

  • Rich presence indicator from Conrad's GitHub repo based off of
  • Flowbase - Webflow component starter packs
  • FinSweet - pro/custom Webflow code library

Images and Icons

  • Favicon


  • Failure resume idea from Calix Huang

The Process

  1. Saw a tweet about resisting the urge to re-build your personal/portfolio website and decided to build this
  2. Heated a slice of Pizza as I scrolled though the Webflow community showcase + professional template library (that are a lil too expensive)
  3. Design in Figma
  4. Build in Webflow w/ bad starter copy
  5. Spent a lot of time (maybe too much time) on the website copy
  6. Code export & hosted on GitHub pages through Netlify
  7. Used NotionAPI to use my Notion database as a CMS for the techstack, timeline and projects pages!


All assets are produced by AK. or licensed for personal or commercial use : )


Kindly supplied by Icons8 and fall under the Icons8 License


Exodus sans