Successes, setbacks & failures

To share a more balanced and authentic journey to the startup + student ecosystem, I've decided to share my wins alongside setbacks and failures.

More about Failure Resumes here. Inspired by Calix who was inspired by Katherine Huang.

2015, 4th Grade

Spring Shoe, Jewelry, Lemonade Business??

Started a "company"

1. Sold a crystal necklace packaged in a sushi box to a friend's parent for $6 after begging for a playdate extension.

1. Couldn't make a spring shoe
2. Lost the beads we needed for our "jewelry"
3. New Yorkers don't take lemonade from 4th graders on street corners especially in the winter

Shut down after 2 weeks since my school did not approve of selling items to fellow students & charities do not accept shoebox jewelry

2016-2017, 5th-6th grade

Dog IG, photography, bandana business, beginnings of social media

Rabbit hole after rabbit hole after rabbit hole. . .

1. Dog account 1.5k followers w/ a 60% growth rate in the first 3 months
2. Had a lot of fun with photography!
3. Learned to sow
4. 10 organic bandana sales
5. Quickly learned social media "experts" should be a secondary source of learning, with experimenting & practice as #1

1. My dog began to resist being photographed
2. Left my fabric box in the basement which  flooded

1. Was too focused on "perfecting" Tiana's image & lost sight of the value her page brought in the first place (cute dog pics)
2. Spent $50 on fabric supplies
3. Spent $25 Velcro strips that ended up sticking to fur (not great for dog bandanas)

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2017-2018, 6th grade

Social Media Manager (Freelance)

1. Paid Instagram management for two small businesses in NYC (made about $1,600)
2. Doubled engagement in two weeks & increased web traffic by 15% through 411 content strategy
3. Hashtag batching method to boost weekly impressions from ~125 to 3,200+

1. One client had a very cute cat that I was very allergic to (couldn't resist petting it)

1. Pushed for a brand image that I preferred instead of the ideal customer's preference
2. Basically ghosted a client after disbanding the contract because of boredom or "goal misalignment".

2017-2018, 6th-7th grade

Beginnings of UI/UX, graphic design, portfolio websites

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Web Development (Freelance)

Pro bono web development for 8 student-led non profits.
1. Met some awesome Gen Z founders
1. Failed to set boundaries with clients (in terms of deadlines and scope) and said yes too often


2020 Call For Kindness Grant, first idea for The Generation (denied)

Mentorship program that connected high school students to Gen Z prodigies.


Quarter Zero, fellowship, mentors & first connections

10 day startup incubator for teens. Then joined the 10 month fellowship program.

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Early november 2020

Committed To The Generation, first stages, Hack+ Sponsorship

$45k software sponsorship. "Hired" my first 8 team members. Eventually had a volunteer team of 28.

1. Didn't speak to enough customers
2. Hired for the sake of hiring & abandoned flat structure too early
3. Neglected genuine team building/bonding

late November 2020

Organization partnerships, connected with the Alect

The Generation partnered with 20+ student led organizations. The product was almost ready for launch.

1. Failed to see partner organizations as anything beyond a source of customers
2. The few active partnership projects we ran fell through or did not advance The Generation's mission related goals

december 2020

Joined as a fellow, pitched re-brand & restructure -> Marketing Director

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january-february 2021

YC Startup School, V2 of The Generation, Call for Kindness

1.$3k Call for Kindness Grant
2.Clear value prop
3. Spoke w/ students regularly (3/week)
4. $125k in software credits from YC - mostly eliminated technical expenses

1. Struggled to delegate engineering tasks

1. Failed to create a scaleable content model to support the core product
2. Chased vanity metrics (total web visits, followers + more stagnant stats) & lost sight of value metrics (MAU, event registrations, etc)
3. Fell into "I can do it alone" mindset and failed to communicate shifts in product vision

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january to june 2021

2 Congressional Races, 2 stealth startups, Yang for NYC

1. Successfully disrupted board meetings w/ my Duck Filters on Zoom + made some close friends
2. lead PM for client-facing marketing projects
3. Developed Influencer Marketing strategy to promote product security designed to reach 6M+ eligible Gen Z voters + secured Influencer relations and content agreements
4. Re-branded CTF to Alect + built the organization's IT system & website
5. Organized 4+ partnerships to build our grassroots base

1. Scaled the team too fast, lost flat structure needed for speed & growth
2. Failed to engage & make the most of current fellows - spent too much time on management
3. Said yes to clients we shouldn't have & got hurt in the end

june 2021 - September 2021

Joined Ladder, GenZ VCs & discovered Bloom, landed Marketing Director

1. Generated 10k+ signups in 3 months on a $0 marketing budget -> used as a traction metric for a $3.3 million seed
2. Led organic Tik Tok content strategy (411, scripting, optimization)
3. Managed team of 5 content/marketing interns and developed content on a daily basis, generating 528.7k total views (average of 13.9K).
4. Achieved 85% lead to close partnership rate with 20+ finance-oriented youth organizations
5. Worked with a super fun team & got to grow + explore as an aspiring founder & market er

1. Did not interrupt meetings with Zoom Duck Filters

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september 2021-December 2021

V3 of The Generation, Operations + Growth @ Bloom

• Learned how to file employer taxes for 3 US states + international employees (very fun stuff)
• Continued organic growth

January 2022 - Present

Founding Growth @ Bloom

• paid + influencer marketing, scaled to 100k "bloomers"
• community building
• pre-order campaign efforts
• ramping up organic socials + SEO + ASO
• partnerships w/ schools, nonprofits & youth organizations/startups
• leading education content

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