Democratizing opportunity by helping schools maximize community engagement and enrichment.


January 2024 - Present

  • leading design and development of the product (NextJS, React, Tailwind, WorkOS)
  • running operations, sales, and partnerships to work with over 30+ nonprofit partners and two pilot schools
  • recruited a team with 5+ years of combined experience in edtech, supporting over 45K+ students
  • managing finance, compliance, and achieved 501(c)3 nonprofit status

Kayman Ventures

Working with venture-backed startups going from 0 to 1 across deep-tech, edtech, and web infra. A venture studio scaling digital experiences from NYC to Moscow through design, development, research, and growth needs.


2019 - Present

  • product design for global supply chain, web infrastructure, and urban infrastructure YC, VC backed companies
  • development for edtech and political-tech nonprofits
  • helping longevity companies go from 0-1 through growth and revenue operations
  • founded and incorporated my own holding firm


The investing app that teaches you how to invest. Backed by Y Combinator (YC W21). $4.4 million seed.

Head of Operations

Sept 2021 - January 2024 • 2 yrs 6 mos

  • founding team, 1st hire
  • operations, finance, HR, compliance
  • curriculum design, education and writing for the "Learn & Earn"
  • Hit 1 million+ users in the US
  • Hit 20 million+ lessons taken
  • Grown from $300k to $3M+ in ARR
  • Achieved profitability while still growing double digit % MoM
  • Acquired a card company
  • Currently top 30 in the finance charts

Marketing Director

Jul 2021 - Sept 2021 • 3 mos

  • organic growth, socials, seo
  • strategic partnerships and community

Contrary Capital

Illuminating private markets under Contrary Capital, a VC firm with $80 million in assets under management.

Research Fellow

  • Published 8 research reports that analyzed product, business model, and corporate valuation, including Midjourney, Webflow, Klarna, Intercom, Greenlight, and Zapier.
  • Klarna memo was the 2nd most read memo in June 2023, received by Contrary Research’s audience of 40K+ investors, founders, and tech reporters.

The Generation

Connecting underserved high school students to scholarships, jobs, events and learning resources to cultivate passion and discover the future. $170k software funding. Backed by Hack+ and Rileys Way Foundation.

Founder, CEO

Jul 2020 - Feb 2022 • 1 yr 8 mos

  • $3k in cash grants
  • $170k in software funds
  • led team of 8 directors and 20 volunteers
  • designed & developed the product
  • operations, planning, partnerships and all the other fun chaos running something requires : )

Alect Political

Redefining political strategy. 3 congressional, 2 senate and 2 stealth startup campaigns.

Marketing Director, Board

Nov 2020 - Jun 2021 • 8 mos

  • Sourced and co-led projects for our largest retainer client to generate $20k+ avg. deal for campaigns
  • led client-facing marketing projects
  • Designed and developed Alect’s website
  • rebranded from “CTF” to Alect
  • built internal IT system, operations, planning

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Coming soon. A spatial distribution density map of NYC's population and the markets that shaped it overtime. Building with Blender and RStudio.


Describe the data you want - export a .csv in seconds. Web scraping without page schemas or element definitions. Just describe the data you want.

  • Built with NextJs, React, GPT-3, and Tailwind


A super tool for schools to secure accessible & exceptional extracurriculars for all students.

Othea Landing Page Preview


Democratizing opportunity. A database of jobs, scholarships, events and learning resources to help students cultivate passion and discover their future.

  • Designed with Figma
  • Built with Webflow
  • Memberships and gated content via Memberstack
  • Automation and light functionality with Zapier
  • Full functionality with Jetboost, Finsweet code snippets, and Airtable
  • Banking and fiscal 501(c)3 sponsorship with Hack+



A venture studio for your design, development, and research needs.


The portfolio site you're on right now.

  • Inspired by and starter cloned from the amazing Tyler Hughey
  • Designed with Figma
  • Built with Webflow
  • Hosted with GitHub pages


Redefining political strategy (archived).

  • Designed with Figma
  • Built with Webflow
  • Hosted with Webflow & Google.




Illuminating Private Markets with Contrary Research. Researched, wrote, and published memos on the following companies:

Midjourney Research Report by Alexa Kayman under Contrary Research.
eToro Research Report by Alexa Kayman under Contrary Research.
Greenlight Research Report by Alexa Kayman under Contrary Research.
Web Research Report by Alexa Kayman under Contrary Research.
Zapier Research Report by Alexa Kayman under Contrary Research.
Intercom Research Report by Alexa Kayman under Contrary Research.
Klarna Research Report by Alexa Kayman under Contrary Research.




Based in NYC. Often working out of Verci in Soho. Always happy to grab coffee in Flatiron or SoHo with any young founders or builders across urban infrastructure, edtech, longevity, and consumer fintech.




Moments frozen in time. Touching grass over the past couple of years.






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Chasing the rush of creation.
Powering product, growth, and research for deep-tech startups and infra enterprises as the Founder @ Kayman Ventures. Computer science and economics-philosophy @ Barnard, Columbia University.

Prev, Head of Operations @ Bloom ($3 million+ ARR, YC W21) and Research Fellow @ Contrary.

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